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autumn 2013-2014

  Date   Speaker Title Host
Sep. 25 James Surmeier Autumn Seminar:
Calcium, metabolic stress and neuronal vulnerability in Parkinson's disease: Breaking old bonds to halt the disease.
Jun Ding Xinnan Wang
Oct. 2 Michael Shadlen Fall Seminar:
Predicting the Accuracy of a Decision: A Neural Mechanism for Confidence
Jonathan Leong
Oct. 16 Randy Buckner SNI Seminar:
Explorations of the Large-Scale Architecture of the Human Brain
Brett Foster
Oct. 23 Elena Gracheva Autumn Seminar:
Molecular and Cellular Adapattions to the unique lifestyle of mammalian hibernators
Ben Barres
Oct. 30 Kimberly Huber Autumn Seminar:
Regulation of Synapse and Circuit Function by Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein
Lu Chen
Nov. 6 Robert Desimone Autumn Seminar:
A neural basis for attention in humans and monkeys
Tirin Moore
Nov. 13 Constance Cepko Autumn Seminar:
Determination of Cell Fate in the Vertebrate Retina
Thomas Sudhof
Nov. 20 Barry Dickson Autumn Seminar:
The neurobiology of Drosophila courtship behavior
Tom Clandinin
Dec. 4 Sabine Kastner Autumn Seminar:
Neural dynamics of the primate attention network
Jin Hyung Lee
Dec. 11 Peter Jonas Autumn Seminar:
The mechanisms of transmission at hippocampal mossy fiber synapses
Tom Sudhof
Dec. 18 Takaki Komiyama Autumn Seminar:
Imaging Neural Ensembles in Mice during Learning
Michael Lin

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