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winter 2014-2015

  Date   Speaker Title Host
Jan. 8 Anto Bonci Winter Seminar:
Optogenetic approaches to studying reward and substance abuse disorders
Luis de Lecea
Jan. 15 Shernaz Bamji Winter Seminar:
Making Memories Stick: Adhesion Complexes at the Synapse
Jan. 22 Gyorgy Buzsaki Winter Seminar:
Emergence of cognition from action
Brett Foster
Jan. 29 Lisa Monteggia Winter Seminar:
Mechanism of Rapid Antidepressant Responses
Lu Chen
Feb. 5 Matthew Dalva Winter Seminar:
Visualizing the dynamics of cell signaling as synapses form
Aaron Gitler
Feb. 12 Andrew Huberman Winter Seminar:
Genetic dissection of visual circuits
Carla Shatz
Feb. 19 Loren Frank Winter Seminar:
Neural substrates of memories and decisions
Lisa Giocomo
Feb. 26 Nicholas Schiff Winter Seminar:
Recruitment of cognitive reserve with central brain deep brain stimulation: clinical and experimental studies, rationale and evidence for underlying mechanisms.
Jin Hyung Lee
Mar. 12 Lorenz Studer Winter Seminar:
Modeling and Treating Neural Disease using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Sergiu Pasca
Mar. 19 Samuel Pfaff Winter Seminar:
Identification of spinal circuitry involved in regulating motor activity
Kang Shen
Mar. 26 Elly Nedivi Winter Seminar:
Structural Dynamics of Neocortical Inhibitory Circuits
Louise Giam

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