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  Date   Speaker Title Host
Apr. 2 Virginia M.Y. Lee Transmission of Misfolded Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disorders: A Common Mechanism of Disease Progression Aaron Gitler
Apr. 9 David Anderson The Neural Circuitry of Sex and Violence Thomas Sudhof
Apr. 16 Rui Costa Generating and shaping novel action repertoires Talia Lerner
Apr. 23 Wade Regehr Short term synaptic plasticity Lu Chen
Apr. 30 Carl Hart Influencing Drug Policy Anna Lembke
May. 7 Jeremy Nathans Shooter Lecture Seminar:
Frizzled signaling in neural development and disease
Ben Barres
May. 14 Adrienne Fairhall Variability and learning in birdsong Kelly Zalocusky
May. 21 Nirao Shah Modular genetic and neural control of sexually dimorphic behaviors Aaron Gitler
May. 28 Jeremy Dittman Molecular control of synaptic vesicle fusion Aaron Gitler
Jun. 4 Jernej Ule hiCLIP reveals the unforeseen prevalence of long-range secondary structures in the 3' UTRs of mammalian mRNAs Ana Jovicic
Jun. 11 Tom Maniatis The function of single neuron protocadherin diversity in the mammalian brain Ben Barres

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